Real Estate Buying Process in Turkey

Real Estate Buying Process in Turkey

  1. Welcome

It is very common that foreigners want to acquire housing in countries other than those of their origin and residence, either for business or because they are looking for new places to live in. That is why at Our we strive for you to receive reliable and concrete information about how is the process to carry it out.

In Turkey, there are no restrictions on the purchase of property by foreigners, as long as they have the necessary liquidity and comply with the corresponding tax payments, except for those properties that are located within border security zones.

  1. You like a property

We are happy to see that you are interested in a property published on Our. On Our you will be able to use a large number of tools in order to understand the process of buying a property, as well as to find general information about it. On Our you can also find available documents and additional information, which will allow you to investigate in detail the environment and infrastructure of the property, facilitating the buying process.

If you like a property and you are interested in knowing more about it with the objective to easily make a purchase decision, the first step is to investigate at the public registry office to confirm that the property is free of mortgage encumbrances or limitations that may affect the buying process.

  1. Contact the seller

In Turkey, property sales are done in two ways: directly through owners or brokers. Our will tell you the language in which you can communicate with the contact persons. Most agents speak English, but in case you need a translator, on Our you can also find translators.

  1. You receive detailed information about the property

The seller will send all available and necessary documents for you. However, a visit to the property may be of interest for you, so if you need assistance with travel arrangements, Our’s experts will be available to advise you at the time you contact them. We recommend that you take a look at the touroperators; this will allow you to realize how beautiful this country is.

  1. You negotiate the contract and the price

Contract negotiations are often processes in which both parties gradually approach each other. It is important to take into account that in Turkey apply specific conditions to the contract of trading, so it will be useful to know its details. You will be able to know notes regarding the additional purchase costs in our frequently asked questions; it can be very interesting for you.

  1. You sign the contract and make the payment

You are about to acquire your property! You sign the contract, either personally in Turkey or through an authorized representative of the country of origin. In Our you can consult information about notaries with whom you can contact. Read below also our detailed process of buying Real State in Turkey.

  1. You become the owner of the property

Your property is already registered on your name in the Property Registry of Turkey. Congratulations! You recognize that this country has great potential, and believes that this is a promising country. We are happy for you! Enjoy your property!

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