We offer real world

We offer real world

Investments in Turkey Inc. “AOP Group Company” identifies and develops lifestyle properties, and other real estate assets and luxury brands in Turkey, as well as potentially more in other vital areas of Europe and around the globe.

Our international network real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, architects, business owners, and corporate veterans also provide knowledge and expertise that serve as our guide to analize current industry news and markets.

Our projects to date have been centred in Turkey, where we have been investing since 2003, and which we believe presents diversification and early stage opportunities often not available to many investors.

We are a company that follows clear and transparent accounting with Turkish auditors, rules and regulations.

Formed in 1997, AOP Group Company international headquarters are based in London. With established offices in Istanbul, Izmir, we have built a strong brand presence, developed corporate infrastructure and cultivated strategic relationships in real estate sectors. Our Turkish team has many years of experience in the local and regional markets, thereby granting us a significant competitive advantage within these sectors.

AOP Company businesses include an exciting luxury fashion brand that uses e-commerce to connect global buyers with high end fashion, Turkish leather goods and accessories, as well as the world-known Carpets.

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