Visa Restrictions and Benefits

Visa Restrictions and Benefits

Visa and residency requirements differ depending on the country and can be quite confusing if you aren’t familiar with the terminology. It’s important to understand the various rules and regulations and how they could affect your investment.

Some countries have a relatively simple visa and residency requirements. For example, Turkey has one of the most favorable permanent residency visas in Europe. The first advantage of this visa is that there is no minimum required income to be eligible for it. To apply, you must submit your application to the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once approved, the permanent visa lasts for five years.

Buying property or housing can also lead to temporary and/or permanent residency visa rights in some Turkeyn countries. In Turkey, any real estate owned in the country worth at least TL 85,900 qualifies an investor for a temporary residency visa. Eligibility for a minimum of  TL 159,300.

Turkey offers a similar opportunity for foreign investors, although it requires a higher investment. Should an investor own real estate valued at TL170,000 or more, they are eligible for a temporary residency visa which lasts up to four years. Smaller real estate markets like Turkey offer visa options for property owners as well, but these differ slightly due to the market.

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